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  alice 6d121b134d add apparently required tzdata 10 months ago
  alice 939b60aafc update pipayments to deploy 10 months ago
  alice 68cf63304c add 'why cc' box on homepage, fix cancel translation 10 months ago
  alice 64badf37d2 fix referrer link in admin 10 months ago
  alice f75e6e218c update french translation 10 months ago
  alice f19a6ee685 improve message on renew failure 10 months ago
  alice 7bae01ec2a switch to CCryptoVPN Root v2 CA 10 months ago
  alice ee1039bf7d add payment details under the Homepage Button 10 months ago
  alice 523d374f5b update django + django_lcore, fix every broken thing 10 months ago
  alice b0b6e53137 more dependencies update 1 year ago
  alice 40663af78d update dependencies 1 year ago
  alice 59950cd9bf update pipayments 1 year ago
  alice 2451321511 missed one 1 year ago
  alice c08be3dde2 update poetry.lock 1 year ago
  alice 6def2f73b1 update dependencies (with fix in pipayments) 1 year ago
  alice 2dd71ed420 update lockfile 1 year ago
  alice b98080553a use flat-table for tickets (fix dark bg) 1 year ago
  alice 949cc05b82 fix missing cancel link 1 year ago
  alice 7a23e29d8b 404 on page not found (instead of TemplateDoesNotExist) 1 year ago
  alice 93a528bb27 add old page name redirections 1 year ago
  alice 51f12912e9 add tos.fr.md 1 year ago
  alice 4cfc35367e new tos 1 year ago
  alice 6dd187238a fix other link in help.html 1 year ago
  alice b5616903de remove tor menu entry 1 year ago
  alice a1ba371f41 warn on renewal issues 1 year ago
  alice 85f9b2832f css and text fixes 1 year ago
  alice 82165bf3a2 add h2 text shadow 1 year ago
  alice c4880175fe improve download buttons 1 year ago
  alice 4a10edb3b8 update fr translation 1 year ago
  alice 0d67ddfcd5 fix .button and use for all buttons 1 year ago
  alice ea83a49adf dark theme improvements 1 year ago
  alice 2dd5a01872 clean up pages and view 1 year ago
  alice d48b48aad1 turn markdown install pages into html 1 year ago
  alice f72b098f5e add dark theme 1 year ago
  alice 17264b8baf fix logging 1 year ago
  alice ee810d5cdb update to lvpn_admin 1 year ago
  alice 5cbe17ab8c ensures User.vpnuser is created on signup 1 year ago
  alice 8dfe4905b4 fix large button display 1 year ago
  alice a7258ca37d update deps & code format lambdainst 1 year ago
  alice afebc151d0 add shell tools 1 year ago
  alice 461022b82a update fr translation 1 year ago
  alice e0c21c76d4 update pipayments 1 year ago
  alice 17487e29d8 text & design adjustments 1 year ago
  alice 3058d8834c add payments scheduled tasks 1 year ago
  alice 72bc2d34a4 switch to a new version of payments module 1 year ago
  alice 18ffc0af5f prepare for new payments module 1 year ago
  alice 775b96ae9f make affiliate box angular (round is for buttons) 1 year ago
  alice cd14eea3c7 update missing buttons 1 year ago
  alice 42ec0924df homepage title & buttons improvements 1 year ago
  alice c92f3308cf responsive fixes & open sans update 1 year ago