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  alice 2a8069035f update django-lcore 1 week ago
  alice 576481028e fix account title 1 week ago
  alice b3f8d2c494 header is better like that 1 week ago
  alice 4210feafa6 translation 1 week ago
  alice 15517ce32e support update 1 week ago
  alice 70e0fd7123 make trial implicit & effective on registration 1 week ago
  alice 6c130eaca0 update page titles 1 week ago
  alice 94fc5b2d72 fix wg public key import 1 week ago
  alice a6d15ac90b new servers page 1 week ago
  alice 4b9d6371bd new header 1 week ago
  alice ef93260c77 homepage adjustments 1 week ago
  alice 92e8e19e6c new footer 1 week ago
  alice 7cd9a7a230 new homepage 1 week ago
  alice bbe4e12d56 disable auth fail notifications 5 months ago
  alice 12462bec44 trigger sync After saving new password 5 months ago
  alice 28a1043bfa remove unsupported backends 5 months ago
  alice c30a44f117 limit open payments per user 5 months ago
  alice ec5e8d4230 trial on signup 5 months ago
  alice ada7b615b9 add margin to signup catpcha 5 months ago
  alice cacbcdc731 add signup captcha 5 months ago
  alice 53f0664f23 add a few sync triggers after payments 7 months ago
  alice 7fdafa8c16 update dependencies 7 months ago
  alice 4567dfc146 increase the length of payment and subscription ext ids 7 months ago
  alice c2a55e8b5c love too computer (jsonfield related hotfix) 7 months ago
  alice c0530b906d update jsonfield (seems broken on pg) + stripe online tests 8 months ago
  alice aeff37d75f fix a tiny thing 8 months ago
  alice e7134106d3 fix paypal api url joining 8 months ago
  alice e63afcdc6e update stripe tests 8 months ago
  alice aa86dd632b ah fuck 8 months ago
  alice 1efa6039bc update django-lcore to remove compatibility-breaking cipher line 9 months ago
  alice 3ede41c0f4 fix push_user being called with VPNUser id 9 months ago
  alice db99ddcac7 update help landing page for wg, privacy policy 9 months ago
  alice 7b59885146 add celery setup instructions 9 months ago
  alice 66576afa05 add vpn auth fails notification 9 months ago
  alice f2d4dc1505 forgot to update django-lcore 9 months ago
  alice 4e65ec2c2b update admin templates 9 months ago
  alice 91490a7d62 quick fixes 9 months ago
  alice 25358d3a18 update dependencies 9 months ago
  alice 3d73df081d add tasks to replace cron-scheduled scripts 9 months ago
  alice 09ac0996b8 add celery and check_subscriptions task 9 months ago
  Alice 1dcf462376 a few admin fixes 10 months ago
  Alice d47f75426e a few last minute fixes 10 months ago
  Alice 1380f21d00 update dependencies (django 3, ...) 10 months ago
  Alice 9b6ea8bd91 update french translation 10 months ago
  Alice a79fe855aa improve account pages 10 months ago
  Alice 7fc4204960 more wireguard ui polishing 11 months ago
  Alice 0d8c37c18f change the wireguard interface 11 months ago
  Alice 5bbccb9923 lower wireguard qr ecc level to support real wg conf 11 months ago
  Alice ab755cc6e8 fix platform selector for openvpn 11 months ago
  Alice b8ded5098c fix duplicate stripe payments 1 year ago