51 Commits (master)

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  alice a1ba371f41 warn on renewal issues 1 month ago
  alice ee810d5cdb update to lvpn_admin 2 months ago
  alice 5cbe17ab8c ensures User.vpnuser is created on signup 2 months ago
  alice a7258ca37d update deps & code format lambdainst 2 months ago
  alice 72bc2d34a4 switch to a new version of payments module 2 months ago
  alice c6bc79f342 fix VPNUser creation 3 months ago
  alice 223f6b60bf sort locations alphabetically 3 months ago
  alice baf7c45022 update cluster load display 3 months ago
  alice 508f185d5f update referral display 4 months ago
  alice 70e0fd7123 make trial implicit & effective on registration 4 months ago
  alice 94fc5b2d72 fix wg public key import 4 months ago
  alice a6d15ac90b new servers page 4 months ago
  alice 12462bec44 trigger sync After saving new password 9 months ago
  alice ec5e8d4230 trial on signup 9 months ago
  alice cacbcdc731 add signup captcha 9 months ago
  alice e63afcdc6e update stripe tests 1 year ago
  alice aa86dd632b ah fuck 1 year ago
  alice 3ede41c0f4 fix push_user being called with VPNUser id 1 year ago
  alice 66576afa05 add vpn auth fails notification 1 year ago
  alice 91490a7d62 quick fixes 1 year ago
  alice 3d73df081d add tasks to replace cron-scheduled scripts 1 year ago
  alice 09ac0996b8 add celery and check_subscriptions task 1 year ago
  Alice 1dcf462376 a few admin fixes 1 year ago
  Alice a79fe855aa improve account pages 1 year ago
  Alice 7fc4204960 more wireguard ui polishing 1 year ago
  Alice 0d8c37c18f change the wireguard interface 1 year ago
  Alice b8f749e6ab remove useless qrcode import 1 year ago
  Alice ef412240ea fix location message 1 year ago
  Alice e67a61a315 add wireguard, update lcore api 1 year ago
  Alice e219562506 Add coinpayments 2 years ago
  Alice c90827878e Add coingate 2 years ago
  Alice 00f4feb04c Fix API paths 2 years ago
  Alice ffb97bf194 Update deps (Django 2.2) 2 years ago
  Alice 6f9a832964 Add country comment to the API 4 years ago
  Alice b9435bf252 Fix Chrome OS ONC CA line breaks 4 years ago
  Alice 7d7742bdd0 Replace some static settings by dynamic settings 4 years ago
  Alice 4a05b9fe1e Add Chrome OS support 4 years ago
  Alice f5483c1ad7 Add internal campaign tracking 4 years ago
  Alice 4d4708b64d Add new translations 4 years ago
  Alice ea65a55bc7 Fix remote addr with proxy, add VPN usage detection 4 years ago
  Alice 434c609704 Fix handling of 404 from core api on new users 4 years ago
  Alice 1db8f98ebe Fix account paid status between subscription payments 4 years ago
  Alice fd2a1b5c64 Only query enabled gateways 4 years ago
  Alice 36bfdf64d0 Fix mising page titles 5 years ago
  Alice ffa2f00f67 Recurring payments! 5 years ago
  Alice 957737be1a Add Discourse login 5 years ago
  Alice 0818f7ca95 Add lcore timeout settings 5 years ago
  Alice daefd398ed Add /api/locations 5 years ago
  Alice e0ce309483 Fix user admin missing updates with 'core' storage 5 years ago
  Alice c102a15743 Add secondary core API mode and clean settings 5 years ago