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  Andy Pilate b76129dd64 Merge pull request #2 from tbille/fix-typo 4 years ago
  Thomas Bille 2234840985 Remove 'install' written twice for each apt-get 4 years ago
  Alice 6f9a832964 Add country comment to the API 4 years ago
  Alice 74c0be3657 Fix bitcoin tests for dynamic settings 4 years ago
  Alice 69f523a398 Use new dynamic settings in bitcoin backend 4 years ago
  Alice b9435bf252 Fix Chrome OS ONC CA line breaks 4 years ago
  Alice 7d7742bdd0 Replace some static settings by dynamic settings 4 years ago
  Alice 6574ba2640 Fix page content 4 years ago
  Alice 954b6c1af4 Fix payments backend tests 4 years ago
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  Alice 4a05b9fe1e Add Chrome OS support 4 years ago
  Alice f5483c1ad7 Add internal campaign tracking 4 years ago
  Alice 6103fbad79 Stop sending emails to staff on staff ticket replies 4 years ago
  Alice 67df736512 Not much 4 years ago
  Alice af69da95d6 Fix payment models, ignore unused backends 4 years ago
  Alice 31ed3157d1 Add message on top of the chat 4 years ago
  Alice eec081bdb8 Update homepage, bankers don't -officially- like pirates. 4 years ago
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  Alice 90ac2baf98 Update FR translations 4 years ago
  Alice b7e96cf784 Allow empty message field to close a ticket 4 years ago
  Alice 0fa2d450fd Remove notification on ticket close 4 years ago
  Alice 2e0e49f7d6 Admin: Add PayPal subscription page URL 4 years ago
  Alice f721c7fdb0 Add noscript message on Stripe payment page 4 years ago
  Alice 434c609704 Fix handling of 404 from core api on new users 4 years ago
  Alice 1db8f98ebe Fix account paid status between subscription payments 4 years ago
  Alice 381eab7943 Stripe: Fix CardError handling when subscribing 4 years ago