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alice 68cf63304c add 'why cc' box on homepage, fix cancel translation 2 years ago
alice ee1039bf7d add payment details under the Homepage Button 2 years ago
alice 85f9b2832f css and text fixes 3 years ago
alice 82165bf3a2 add h2 text shadow 3 years ago
alice 0d67ddfcd5 fix .button and use for all buttons 3 years ago
alice ea83a49adf dark theme improvements 3 years ago
alice d48b48aad1 turn markdown install pages into html 3 years ago
alice f72b098f5e add dark theme 3 years ago
alice 8dfe4905b4 fix large button display 3 years ago
alice 17487e29d8 text & design adjustments 3 years ago
alice 72bc2d34a4 switch to a new version of payments module
up to date with payment processors, pull-focused, and as a reusable app
3 years ago
alice 775b96ae9f make affiliate box angular (round is for buttons) 3 years ago
alice 42ec0924df homepage title & buttons improvements 3 years ago
alice c92f3308cf responsive fixes & open sans update 3 years ago
alice 273cbfa732 rework header/footer 3 years ago
alice e026b510fb adjust form margins 3 years ago
alice bcfc9dda2f remove unused fonts 3 years ago
alice be27dbbfec add icons to gateways 3 years ago
alice baf7c45022 update cluster load display 3 years ago
alice 508f185d5f update referral display 3 years ago
alice 15517ce32e support update 3 years ago
alice 6c130eaca0 update page titles 3 years ago
alice a6d15ac90b new servers page 3 years ago
alice 4b9d6371bd new header 3 years ago
alice ef93260c77 homepage adjustments 3 years ago
alice 92e8e19e6c new footer 3 years ago
alice 7cd9a7a230 new homepage 3 years ago
alice ada7b615b9 add margin to signup catpcha 4 years ago
alice db99ddcac7 update help landing page for wg, privacy policy 4 years ago
Alice a79fe855aa improve account pages
redesign the account overview and settings pages;
remove the logs page;
add account suppression;
add data export (with logs, wg keys, ...)
4 years ago
Alice e67a61a315 add wireguard, update lcore api 4 years ago
Alice a413e83493 fix .flex-page disappearing on very thin viewports 5 years ago
Alice d7ea7eb37f make .flex-page .left-menu more responsive 5 years ago
Alice 2fc3a0274c Better frequent questions, tiny css improvements 5 years ago
Alice b3539ef829 Improve subscr cancellation, add unusub feedback 5 years ago
Alice e219562506 Add coinpayments 5 years ago
Alice 08fd5ee73b Store download URLs in database, turn pages into templates 5 years ago
Alice c90827878e Add coingate 5 years ago
Alice 98e8a508b6 Update home page 5 years ago
Alice 7d7742bdd0 Replace some static settings by dynamic settings 7 years ago
Alice 4a05b9fe1e Add Chrome OS support 7 years ago
Alice 31ed3157d1 Add message on top of the chat 7 years ago
Alice ffa2f00f67 Recurring payments! 8 years ago
Alice 2f7deaae2d Initial commit 8 years ago